From 1 April 2021, Powerco’s electricity distribution prices will be changing. Click on the map below to view your region's price changes.

The impact on your electricity bill will depend on your circumstances and how your retailer (who you pay your power bill to) chooses to repackage these changes for you.

Powerco owns and manages the poles, wires, transformers and substations that get power to your door. We invoice retailers that use our electricity networks, and these charges make up around a quarter of your overall electricity bill. We also pass on Transpower’s charges for using the national transmission network (often called the National Grid).

We update our prices annually to reflect changes in how our network is used, such as the number of customers and the cost of meeting their electricity needs.

Transmission charges can vary between regions but are around 11% of your overall electricity bill. Retailers then invoice customers for all electricity costs.  You may wish to contact your retailer to better understand how these changes may affect your bill.  For a list of retailers click here.

Here's how Powerco fits into the electricity supply chain that gets power to your door. 

We continue to invest in your community to keep the lights on and the electricity flowing. We do this safely, reliably, cost-effectively, and sustainably – you can read more about our sustainability goals, including our netzero at 2030 emissions target by clicking here.
Pricing Roadmap

Pricing Roadmap - April 2021