The gas distribution industry has been subject to economic regulation in various forms since 1997.

Price and Service Levels

Since 2005, the prices Powerco charges and the level of service has been determined by a Gas Authorisation. The Gas Authorisation ends in 2012 and will be replaced with a Default Price-Quality Path (DPP) in 2013.

Information Disclosure – Financial and Technical

Financial information and a small amount of technical information is published annually under the Gas(Information Disclosure) Regulations 1997. The disclosures up to 2011/12 are available on this website.

After this date information is disclosed under the Commerce Commission’s information disclosure requirements. These have more emphasis on long term planning, and technical and service information.

Asset Management Plans

Powerco strives to offer a reliable and efficient gas supply to New Zealand. We publish a detailed ten-year asset management plan (AMP) that provides information on how Powerco intends to manage its assets to meet customers and stakeholders demands. This information is provided here.

Gas Capital Contribution  Guide

If your home or business connects, or wants to connect, to Powerco’s gas distribution network, we may require you to contribute to some of the costs towards the design and installation of the gas assets. If you need one of Powerco’s gas pipelines to bemoved, we may also ask you to contribute to the capital costs. This payment is called a capital contribution or a customer contribution. This guide outlines when you may be required to contribute, the process that is followed and how the amount is calculated.

Non-standard Contract Disclosure

Each year, Powerco discloses both the new non-standard contracts it has entered into for the provision of gas pipeline services and existing non-standard contracts where the prescribed terms and conditions have been modified during the period.

A contract is considered non-standard if:

(a) The price at which the gas pipeline services are to be provided is not determined solely by reference to a schedule of prescribed terms and conditions that is publicly disclosed.
(b) Fewer than five people have such contracts with Powerco.