In an Emergency

Gas emergencies 

For gas emergencies call 0800 111 848

If you damage a pipe resulting in a leak

  • Move to a safe location upwind and control the area to keep the public away
  • Do not operate any machinery or electrcial equipment
  • Notify emergency services by calling 111 if there are injuries or site management is needed to keep traffic or pedestrians clear
  • Call us on 0800 111 848

Smell of gas inside

If you think you smell gas inside a building:

  • Do not use any igniton sources, electrical appliances, switches, or electronic equipment
  • Turn off gas appliances that are on
  • Do not smoke, extinguish naked flames
  • If possible turn off the gas supply valve at the gas meter
  • If the smell of gas stops after turning off the gas meter, contact your gasfitter to repair your installation and relight your appliances
  • If the smell of gas remains or you cannot turn the meter off, call us on 0800 111 848

Smell of gas outside

If you smell gas outside:

  • Call us on 0800 111 848 or emergency services on 111
  • Turn off plant and machinery if possible
  • Do not smoke, extinguish naked flames
  • Close windows and doors to prevent gas entering buildings
  • Do not attempt to repair or stop the leak

Electricity emergencies 

For electricity emergencies call 0800 27 27 27

In an emergency – fallen or drooping lines, something in contact with lines, move away from the area and call us. Treat all fallen lines as live at all times.

If lines are down

  • Keep everyone at least 10 metres away
  • Keep away from trees or vehicles touching them
  • Leave people or animals trapped by fallen lines – including in vehicles. Lines may still be live

Vehicles and fallen power lines

If you are in a vehicle and power lines have fallen onto it:

  • Stay inside the vehicle
  • Call 111 or stay in the vehicle until help arrives

If you must leave the vehicle because of imminent danger (such as fire):

  • Jump as far away from the vehicle as you can, keeping your feet together when you land. Never touch the ground and the car at the same time or you may be electrocuted
  • Once clear of the vehicle, hop away, keeping both feet on the ground at the same time

If a vehicle hits a power pole do not try to rescue people or animals inside.