Electricity projects

Meeting Greytown's growth

We’re replacing and upgrading Greytown’s electricity network.

This is so the community has a reliable power supply to meet residential and commercial growth, as well as helping avoid unplanned power outages in the future.

The work is being carried out in two phases. Click here for more information.

Palmerston North electricity network project

Powerco is committed to providing you with a reliable electricity supply. To do this, the company undertakes regular maintenance and upgrade projects on the electricity network.

The work in central Palmerston North to replace old underground cables with new ones will improve reliability of supply.

The major cable replacement project involves installing cable in ducts. Installing the duct will be labour intensive and affect traffic flows in the area. All efforts will be made to minimise the duration and impact of the work. This is a multi-staged project that will take several years to complete. The first stage will focus on the area along Main St and Keith St and is due to be completed by Christmas. We have installed a temporary overhead line to ensure your electricity supply is not affected during the project.

Mokoia substation 

Powerco has started work on a $6.9m substation at Mokoia south of Hawera that will enhance electricity supply in the area. The new substation on Meremere Rd will replace one built in the 1970s to supply power to the Kiwi Dairies plant (now Fonterra) and the surrounding rural community.

The old structure was within the Fonterra complex but no longer supplied the dairy giant. Fonterra’s energy needs are now met by power direct from the national grid and gas.

There are still have 1650 customers connected to the old substation but there are problems with it being inside the dairy complex such as access and health and safety. Some of the equipment is also due for replacement.

A separate project involves upgrading the Cambria substation’s Glover Rd East feeder which supplies mostly residential consumers near the Hawera CBD. The feeder’s present capacity is insufficient to cope with future load growth in this area or to provide support for the Mokoia substation. Mokoia would be a single transformer substation and during maintenance would need backup supply from Glover Rd East. The upgrade would triple the Glover Rd East feeder’s capacity.

Moturoa project

Powerco has undertaken a major cable laying project across New Plymouth from Moturoa to the Carrington St GXP.

The 9.2km trenching and duct laying portion of the $11 million job began late 2017. The cable installation is scheduled to start early 2018. The new cable run includes a contingency route, monitoring equipment to track cable temperature, high safety specification backfill protections and road re-establishment.

The rebuild of the Moturoa substation was a vital part of the job. It will replace the one built by the NZ Electricity Department in the 1970s and will comprise a new switch room, transformer bays and perimeter. The Moturoa substation supplies several important western New Plymouth customers including Port Taranaki, the Taranaki Base Hospital, the Omata tank farm and the Moturoa commercial centre. There are about 8900 customers in total and at times Moturoa supports the supply to Oakura.

There will be work to complete at the Carrington St substation once national grid operator Transpower had converted its current outdoor 33kV substation indoors.

New Plymouth CBD

Powerco has begun a project to replace about 700m of electricity cables that have served the New Plymouth CBD since the 1950’s. The $1million network upgrade involves trenching from Huatoki Lane, along Ariki St, Egmont St, King St to Dawson St.

The work will greatly enhance the resilience of the electricity network in central New Plymouth. The trenching necessary to lay the cable underground will take about three months to complete. The work has been split into four sections to minimise disruption.

North Taranaki

Work is about to start on the second stage of an upgrade of the network that supplied Powerco’s northern most customers including Urenui, Uruti and to the foot of Mt Messenger. The project should be completed early next year and involved pole replacements and installing about 24km of new conductor. 

Coastal Taranaki

Powerco has begun a major pole replacement programme south of Opunake that will strengthen its supply network there, particularly during storms. More information can be found here

Gas Projects

Boxhill gas maintenance project

Powerco will be repairing a section of the gas main located on the corner of Box Hill and Clark Street (Khandallah) in January/February 2019.

Crews will be excavating around the high-pressure gas main (1,2000kpa). The site will be filled back in and reinstated to the original condition once the repair is fixed.

Road diversion

A large excavation of the road is required to undertake the repair work. In the interest of public safety, significant traffic management will be in place for the duration of the project.

The entrance to Clark Street, off Box Hill, will be closed and a diversion route in place via Simla Crescent. Box Hill will be reduced to one lane and controlled by signals during the project. Powerco is working with Wellington Water to reduce the inconvenience to residents.

There may also be some disruption to parking and foot traffic while the work is being carried out.

Measures will be taken to minimise disruption where possible. Powerco apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Wellington gas supply upgrade

Powerco is working on a multi-year project called Project Gotham to renew parts of the gas network in the central city. The work will allow Powerco to continue to provide a safe and reliable gas supply to its customers.

This project will not only increase customer capacity allowing for growth, but provide a more reliable and secure gas network in central Wellington.

Project Gotham is being carried out in four stages. Work was completed on sector 3 in May 2020, with the fourth and final sector of work, encompassing the CBD, forecast to begin in July 2020 for completion by March 2021.

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