Assets and Maintenance

A health and safety partnership

Powerco’s electricity and gas networks often cross private property.

We need to look after our assets with regular inspection and maintenance. To do this we regularly need to access private property.

Both Powerco and private landowners/occupiers have health and safety duties.  Whenever Powerco staff or contractors work on our assets in any location, they will meet their health and safety responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities are set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

The act focuses on a collaborative approach to health and safety. If the landowner is also a business, we have a mutual duty to consult, co-operate and co-ordinate on our health and safety obligations. Even where the land owner or occupier is not a business, Powerco considers we have a health and safety partnership. We will still approach our duty to keep our assets and our people safe in the same way.  

Powerco and its contractors

We aim to:

  • Comply with health and safety training, hazard assessment and site safety processes.
  • Notify land owners or occupiers when planning work on their land.
  • Prevent our assets from becoming a danger or a nuisance by keeping them regularly inspected and maintained.

Land owner or occupier

We ask you to:

  • Inform us and our contractors of any unexpected safety hazards before we enter your land.
  • Let your own workers and any visitors know where we are working.
  • Comply with all safety instructions issued by our workers or contractors.
  • Comply with any safety or hazard notices displayed on our assets.
  • Ensure access to our network assets is not restricted. Please don’t block vehicle access, gates or doors to our assets.
  • Keep trees regularly trimmed more than four metres from overhead lines.
  • Not do anything that may damage our network assets.
  • Not interfere with our network assets.
  • Not to build or construct anything too near, over, or around our assets. Let us know if you consider our assets are becoming a hazard.

Examples of unexpected hazards our workers need to know about before beginning work could include:


Tree falling, blasting, earthmoving machinery operating, pest control operations, slippery access tracks or wash outs.


Dangerous chemicals, fumes or substances, loud explosions.

Private homes

Dangerous dogs, structures attached/built under assets.


Tree falling near the lines, access track construction or clearing of vegetation near access tracks, pest control.

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More Information on the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 responsibilities is contained in the links below.

Safety is our number one priority. We want everyone who lives or works near our networks to be safe.  For further details of how you can keep your land safe see our safety tabs

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