Smell of gas to be reported

Monday, November 14, 2016

Powerco is asking people to report the smell of gas following the 7.5 magnitude earthquake centred near Hanmer Springs early this morning.

While the gas network stood up to the earthquake well, there have been a handful of suspected gas leaks in Wellington.

Powerco Gas Operations Manager Don Elers said anyone who smells gas should call Powerco on 0800 111 848.

“Safety is Powerco’s top priority and there is an increased likelihood of gas leaks following a tremor of this significance.”

He said pipework within properties can also be damaged. If people notice a smell of gas in their homes they should turn off the gas at the meter outside their home and call Powerco.

“Powerco’s gas network has been designed to be resilient to earthquakes and we are simply taking precautions.”

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