Severe weather causes power cuts: Update 9

Monday, June 22, 2015

Good progress continues with the huge task of restoring power to Whanganui and Taranaki properties hit hard by weekend flooding.

At the height of the storm more than 6000 lost power but in the latest assessment that had been reduced to 700 and Powerco crews were back out in the field further viewing the widespread damage first thing this morning.

Powerco Acting Network Operations Manager Dean Stevenson said some properties are isolated by road washouts, slips and fallen trees and it may be days before the way is clear for crews to get in and restore supply.

Whanganui remains worst affected with about 650 customers without power and 50 remain cut off in Taranaki.

“As well as not being able to get to some areas, the damage to parts of the electricity network is significant. Power poles and transformers are submerged under water and slips have taken out whole sections of lines.”

Powerco urges people to stay well clear of any fallen power lines and phone Powerco’s emergency number 0800 272 727.

Customers should report faults to their energy retailers to help ensure all areas without power are identified.

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