Severe weather 4pm update

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Field crews are battling high winds as they make repairs to parts of Powerco's electricity network in Wairarapa and Tararua.

Severe weather late yesterday and today have caused trees to fall across overhead lines, cutting power.

The wind is making it difficult to access the damaged network in Tararua to make repairs.

Powerco Acting Network Operations Manager Dean Stevenson said supply had been restored to customers who lost power yesterday. However, there have been further power cuts today, affecting around 2000 properties.

He said that while the cause of some of the power cuts were under investigation, it was believed most were weather-related.

There had been several reports of power lines falling to the ground in Wairarapa, he warned.

“Stay away from any downed power lines and treat them as live at all times. Call Powerco’s emergency number 0800 272727.”

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