Restoration work continues across Powerco network

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ground crews have made steady progress throughout today restoring supply to customers across Powerco’s electricity network.

Tornadoes and lightning strikes early Tuesday and an overnight hammering from strong winds, left 8200 customers without power by daybreak Wednesday.

By late-afternoon today those still off-line as a result of storm damage had been reduced to 1000 and Powerco was hoping to make further gains before crews stopped for the night.

Powerco Network Operations Manager Phil Marsh said coastal Taranaki suffered the most damage and remained the main focus of restoration work.

“This is where most of our remaining outages are, particularly around Rahotu, and some people will be without power for another night,” he said.

“We regret that but have done everything we could on the network today to reconnect as many people as possible. That will continue for the rest of today and crews, including linesmen called in from outside the province, will be out again first thing Thursday.”

There were several days of work ahead of crews clearing trees from lines, replacing downed poles and realigning poles knocked out of position by the tornadoes.

He said about 4600 Tairua customers on Powerco’s eastern network were without power for most of the day. Overnight winds toppled trees across the main feeder line to the Tairua substation.

“We used a helicopter to patrol the line and discovered damage at a number of sites. Crews cleared those during the day and power was restored to most customers by about 3pm.”

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