Restoration effort ramps up

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Powerco is making steady progress repairing its cyclone-damaged network and hopes to have more customers back on line by the end of the day.

Powerco Network Operations Manager Phil Marsh said 5200 were still off with the majority of those in Taranaki (4900). At the height of the storm, there were about 26,000 Powerco customers without power.

“The field crews are working really hard but we understand the frustration of people who have been without power for close to two days now,” he said. 

Due to the extent of the damage, some customers might not get power restored today.

Extra crews have been brought in from throughout the North Island to help but there are some areas, particularly Eastern Taranaki, where damage is still being assessed.

“We know there are poles and wires down and we’re using a helicopter to establish the extent of the damage.

Considerable work was continuing in coastal and southern Taranaki where dozens of poles and lines were brought down in high winds overnight Tuesday.

“To help us get the power back on, please check if the service line to your property is damaged. If it is, go to Powerco’s power cut webpage  for more information,” Mr Marsh said.

People must stay well away from downed lines and call emergency services immediately.

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