Preparing for tomorrow's network

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

If there’s a foundation document upon which Powerco operates, it’s the Asset Management Plan (AMP) – and it’s a mighty big foundation at 423 pages long.

Powerco’s regulator describes its AMP as the benchmark for the industry, however its size and detail doesn’t lend itself to easy reading to non-engineers or the casual reader. This means that too many stakeholders miss out.

The Summary AMP is the publication to fill that void and introduce a whole raft of readers to the ‘what, why, how and when’ of good electricity network planning, design and delivery.

The AMP also provides the opportunity for Powerco to peer ahead and try to understand what the future of the network may look like with changes in technology, and environmental and societal pressures – this covers the 3Ds: Decarbonisation, Decentralisation and Digitisation.

The theme of the Summary AMP is stated on the cover – Preparing for Tomorrow’s Network.

Powerco knows the network of the future will be different, but how and when is uncertain. What it does know is that the network of the future will be built on the network of today.

Please read the Summary AMP here.

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