Powerco comes to the party

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lines company Powerco has helped the Castlepoint community give 26-year-old Christina Booth a day to remember this Friday.

The electricity distributor had maintenance and tree trimming work planned at various sites in and around the Wairarapa community on 23 February, the day Christina is due to marry Nick Thorburn.

Switching off power, from 9am-3pm, to around 400 Castlepoint properties was necessary for the work to be completed safely.

“We gave notice of the outage some time ago but only became aware of the wedding late last week,” Powerco Regulation and Commercial General Manager Stuart Marshall said.

After discussions between Powerco, the family and the Castlepoint Ratepayers and Residents Association it was decided to move Friday’s work to April.

Mr Marshall said a range of options were considered, including a generator for the wedding venue. However, this would not have accommodated the many wedding guests who were booked into local baches.

“We don’t normally delay work of this nature but the unusual circumstances called for an unusual decision in this instance.

“The work will proceed in April to improve our services in the area and to continue to support the community,” he said.

About 130 people are expected to attend the wedding including Nick’s family who live in Western Australia.

“It’s just an awesome outcome and relieved so much stress,” Christina said.

She and Nick live in Dannevirke and were unaware of the planned cut until late last week.

Ratepayers and Residents Association spokesman John Keen thanked Powerco for deferring the work.

“A lot of people would have been affected if the power cut had gone ahead,” he said.

“Castlepoint is a popular venue for weddings and the whole settlement becomes involved providing catering and accommodation. No electricity would have made things very difficult indeed.”

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