Pahiatua Mangamutu Substation Upgrade - Customer Information

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dear Customer. This information sheet is to provide you with details about the above project and how it will affect you.

Work has started on upgrading Powerco’s electricity network to cater for an increased demand in load at the Pahiatua milk processing plant. The plant is undergoing a $200-to-$250 million expansion that will benefit the local economy and create job opportunities.

Part of the work involves upgrading transformers and installing a new switchboard at Mangamutu substation, which supplies Pahiatua and the surrounding region. Reconstruction of a section of the 11kV network is also required to allow for a new wastewater treatment plant which will service the dairy plant.

Planned power cuts are necessary while this work is performed to ensure safety and due to the complexity of the project. Further power cuts will be necessary to accommodate vehicles with high loads.

The power cuts are scheduled to take place during February and March. However, more planned outages may be required until the end of May.

We understand power cuts are an inconvenience and we are taking all practicable measures to minimise disruption. This includes phasing work on alternate days, using multiple work crews and coordinating high load transportation to occur at the same times where possible.
Your electricity retailer will continue to issue notices to you of the specific outage dates and times as notified by Powerco. Please contact your retailer if you have any queries about the scheduled power cuts.

We appreciate your patience during this time.

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