New project tool designed to deliver ‘best value’ to customers

Monday, August 17, 2020

Copperleaf, a powerful new tool to help ensure we're working on the projects that deliver the best value to our customers, is being launched today.

Powerco General Manager Asset Strategy and Investment, Ryno Verster, says Copperleaf will help the company make well-informed choices about projects on its network.

“The programme, using our newly developed Value Framework, will be used to evaluate projects at the planning stage, to weigh up factors such as whether the project improves network reliability, increases safety, reduces cost, or reduces environmental impact. 

“Having a consistent way to evaluate and optimise our projects helps ensure we're working on the right things at the right time, while delivering the best value to our customers,” Ryno Verster says. 

Since the inception of the Copperleaf project in June 2019, the project team has been working hard to implement Copperleaf. This has included finding and transporting a large volume of data about Powerco’s assets – such as age, type and condition – to inform the modelling in the Value Framework. 

To celebrate go-live of Copperleaf, which has been more than a year in the making, the Australian-based software vendor has sent two framed sports jerseys to commemorate the launch. The All Black jersey (on the left of the photo below) signifies Copperleaf’s ‘thank you’ for enabling them to be part of the Powerco team. The jersey on the right is from the Vancouver Canucks ice hockey team and is a link to Copperleaf’s Canadian headquarters.

Above: The Copperleaf implementation team from left, Alan Ramage-Brown, Jon Spark, Kathryn Gillum, Marius Botha, Ryno Vester, Peter Corston, Phil Hanser.


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