Good gains made with power restoration

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Field crews made good progress today repairing damaged equipment and restoring power supply to customers across Powerco’s Taranaki electricity network.

By late this afternoon, about 500 customers mostly in Coastal and South Taranaki were still without power. The number was expected to reduce more this evening. 

“Regrettably, a number of customers will still be without power overnight,” Powerco Network Operations Manager Phil Marsh said. 

“We thank customers for their patience. We are doing everything we can to get the power restored to people as quickly and safely as possible, but it may still take several days.”

Tornadoes and lightning strikes early Tuesday and strong winds that night, left 8200 customers throughout Powerco’s electricity network without power by daybreak yesterday.

“The storm caused massive damage to our poles, lines and transformers in Taranaki. More than 30 transformers in Taranaki are needing to be replaced after being adversely affected by lightning. The componentry in the transformers has been damaged beyond repair and we are sourcing new transformers from outside the region to replace them. 

“Added to that is the need to reinstate power poles and lines, and clear trees,” Mr Marsh said. 

Meanwhile, if people have been affected by this week’s storms, the following is some information from Powerco about their electricity service line: 

  • The service line connects your property to our network and is owned by you.
  • Service lines are usually last to be repaired as our focus is on fixing damage to the network’s power poles, lines and transformers.
  • If you see something obviously wrong with your service line you can contact an electrician to inspect and repair, while we work on the wider network.
  • This will ultimately assist us to restore your power supply faster.
  • The service line will only be livened once we have completed the network repairs in your area.
  • A Powerco-approved contractor will then re-liven your service line to our network.
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