Copper thieves hack through earth wires

Friday, October 18, 2019

Copper thieves continue to play Russian roulette with electricity equipment in the Manawatu after hacking through earthing cabling at multiple sites this week.

On Wednesday night near Sanson they appear to have used an axe or slasher to chop through earth wires leading to 18 pole-mounted transformers on Tangimoana Rd.

 In August brazen thieves cut down wire on private properties in the Kimbolton area to presumably sell for scrap.

But Powerco’s general manager of Service Delivery and System Operations, Ian Skipworth said this week’s damage was hardly worth the effort for the culprits.

“The value of the scrap was about $50 to $100 but it is the threat to human life that worries us most,” he said.

“Anyone touching an exposed wire leading to a transformer could die. Then there’s the downstream effects that damaged earthing can pose. Cows and people working in cowsheds, for example, are immediately exposed to the high risk of electrocution.”

 Repairs were effected as soon as the damage was discovered.

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