Commissioning milestone for big city project

Thursday, October 10, 2019

First steps taken to electrify new Carrington St-Moturoa link.

​The first steps towards powering up New Plymouth’s new underground cable link between the Carrington St and Moturoa substations began this week.

The $16m project has taken two years to complete and involved 7km of cable laying, construction of a new substation at Moturoa and a significant upgrade of the Carrington St substation.

Project manager Bryan Stevens said livening the system represented a significant milestone in the project.

“It was a major job by any standards and has been completed on schedule,” he said.

Commissioning was expected to take about 10 weeks with the new system fully operational by the end of the year.

The project was necessary because of plans by national grid operator, Transpower,  to decommission its supply point at Port Taranaki which became largely redundant with the closure of the New Plymouth power station in 2008.

Transpower has also completed a significant upgrade of its Carrington St GXP which included the construction of a new indoor switchboard complex. That will eventually enable the removal of the current outdoor infrastructure.

“All of the 33kV cables supplying our Oakura, Moturoa, Brooklands, Katere and Bell Block substations now feed underground from that indoor complex,” Stevens said.

Project manager Bryan Stevens (yellow hat) and ABB representatives Scott Breman (left),

Hamish Alabaster and Oliver Seguin, Hamish Alabaster and Oliver Seguin give the thumbs up

as commissioning starts at the new Moturoa substation.

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