Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed answers to commonly asked questions that relate to new electricity connections. The electricity industry also has some special terms that you may not be familiar with. Many of these are mentioned in legislation or regulations that provide the ultimate definitions, but here we have given some simple explanations for common terms you will hear in relation to new connections.

Get Connected - Electricity - FAQ

How do I report a power fault?

What is the difference between a lines company and a retailer?

I need power for my new development / sub-divisions - who do I contact?

How do I know if my street/area is due for a planned outage?

How do I organise a permanent disconnection?

Who do I contact if streetlights are faulty or not coming on?

I have a problem with my electricity meter, do you deal with these?

What is an ICP Number?

Who do I contact with a query on my power bill?

I am moving house, what do I do?

Can I change Retailer/Billing Company after I have been connected?

Who owns which lines?

I need to repair my service line or require a 'line drop'.

I need a temporary disconnection so I can safely do some roofing, painting, water blasting or tree trimming near my service line - how do I arrange this?

I need a temporary disconnection so electrical work can take place at my property.

Who owns power poles?

I have network poles and lines running across my property, are they allowed to be there?

Who pays for third party damage?

My trees are growing through my service line - can you cut these back?

My neighbours trees are growing through my service line - who is responsible?

My trees / my neighbours trees are growing into the network lines - can you cut them back?

How do I find out where electricity cables are located?

Do you need to know I will be working near electrical lines and or underground cables?

Can I have the electricity lines outside my property put underground?

Why aren't all power lines put underground?