Frequently Asked Questions


What is Base Power?

How does it work?

What are the advantages?

Is Base Power safe and secure?

What are the options?

Does Base Power require special knowledge to operate?

Does Base Power require work or lifestyle changes, such as buying new appliances?

Do Base Power units need shelter?

How can I find out more?

Who do I contact if I am moving house?

Your Electricity Supply

Will I still have an electricity retailer if I have a Base Power unit?

Should I cancel my supply arrangements with my retailer?

Who supplies my electricity?

What services will Powerco provide?

How will I pay for my supply if there is no retailer?

What charges will I have to pay?

Who will pay for diesel and refuel the generator?

Is there any upfront cost I have to pay to Powerco for the equipment?

Will I now get 100% guaranteed electricity supply?

Electricity lines on my property

What happens to the existing electricity lines on my property?

Will I still have a service line to my property or building?

Who will own and maintain the service line?

How will I know where my service line begins?

Ownership and maintenance of Base Power equipment

Who will own and maintain the Base Power equipment?

Do I have any responsibilities for the unit?

Will I be notified before my property is accessed for inspections or maintenance?

I have a locked gate. What should I do about that?

What if I need more capacity in the future?

Faults and problems

Who should I call if my supply is interrupted or there is some other problem?

Can I use my own electrician to fix faults on Base Power equipment?

Where will the unit be located?