Shoring up Coromandel’s power supply


Why are you investing in the Coromandel region’s power supply?

When does the network struggle to cope with peak demand?

Will this project affect all customers within the Coromandel Region?

What options are you considering to improve the power supply?

Why aren’t you installing another power line on your network?

Why is installing power lines so expensive?

When deciding which option is best for the community, what are your key considerations?

Is the use of modern diesel generators in the community safe?

How long will the diesel generators run for if they are confirmed as the solution?

Will this investment mean I have to pay more for my power?

Will this investment also reduce weather-related outages in the region?

When will the solution be delivered?

How can I share my thoughts and provide feedback?

Who else is involved with the project?

How long will it take for you to decide on the final solution?