Sustainability at Powerco

 At Powerco, sustainability extends beyond our assets. It means balancing the needs of our people and communities, our environment and the financial health of our company.

Like us, our customers and stakeholders care about sustainability. They want to know that Powerco takes its responsibilities seriously.

In July 2020, we asked stakeholders to participate in a materiality assessment to inform us on which sustainability issues are most important to them and to understand Powerco’s impacts. These findings have helped us to form our five sustainability pillars.

Sustainability at Powerco uses these five sustainability pillars to provide an overview of our approach to sustainability, and our goals and targets for the future. 

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Sustainability publications

Sustainability at Powerco – December 2020
Powerco’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report – December 2020
A Summary of Powerco’s Materiality Assessment – 2020
Our People – Statistics – FY20


Corporate Sustainability Team

The Corporate Sustainability Team was established to ensure a consistent, whole-of-business approach to sustainability at Powerco. They also identify and champion new sustainability opportunities and initiatives.

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Workplace Sustainability Team

Powerco has a voluntary Workplace Sustainability Team, made up of enthusiastic staff from each of our offices. The team meets regularly and works together on sustainable business projects. Since the team’s inception, there has been an increase in employee participation in sustainability and environmental events.


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