What are the timeframes for the site visit?

While we previously indicated that all site visits and charger installations would be completed by the end of December 2020, unfortunately we’re experiencing delays. This is a new project for Powerco, and we underestimated the amount of time it would take us and our installation teams to work through this process for all 80 participants – as such, we now anticipate all site visits to be completed by end of February 2021.

We sincerely apologise for this delay and appreciate participants’ patience. Some of you will have had your visit already, while others are still waiting to hear from the installation team. The timing for each participant will vary depending on your location and availability but rest assured we’re keen to get everybody set up as soon as possible.

Please note that the site visit delay will not impact the overall project duration.
The three-year project period remains the same, however we may move our initial six-month period of collecting baseline data from the charger from January – June to March – August instead (provided all chargers are installed by the end of February 2021).

Where will you install the smart charger?

During the site visit, installers will work with you to decide where the most appropriate place on your property is to install the smart charger. They will consider aspects such as existing power supply and engineering requirements, along with your suggestions for where the smart charger would be best placed.

Is the smart charger a fast charger?

The Evnex charger used for this project is rated at 7.4kw which would allow you to charge your car four times as fast as a standard three-pin household socket. While this is slower than charging at a public DC charger (50kw) in town for example, it gives you the convenience of charging at home.

Will the project require me to charge my EV outside of the preferred times I currently use?

No, you are not required to change your charging behaviour in any way.

At times you will change the charging to 0 amps. What does this mean and will it impact the charging of my EV?

Reducing the charging to 0 amps means when your EV is plugged into the smart charger, it will not charge. By doing this, we’re trying to understand what the impact to customers and the network might be when we take the EV charging load out of the network’s peak hours.

This will not happen until the second year of the project and will likely only be for 30 minutes or less during the hours of 5pm and 9pm, for only a few nights within the whole project. Our aim is to do it in the least impactful way so that participants won’t even notice it’s happening, and so that your EV is charged overnight to its normal levels before the morning.

Can I stop taking part in the project?

Yes. You can stop taking part in the project at any stage by ending your participant agreement. Here’s how:

  • To end your participant agreement before 1 June 2022, you must email us 21 days before you want to stop taking part in the project.
  • The third year of this project (1 June 2022 – 1 June 2023) is optional. To end your participant agreement in this period, you don’t need to give us 21 days’ notice. However, you do need to email us to let us know that you no longer want to take part in the project (we would appreciate as much notice as possible).
  • If Powerco breaches your participant agreement at any time (eg we don’t do something we must do) then you can end your participant agreement by sending us an email 14 days before you stop taking part in the project. The email must tell us how we have breached your participant agreement.

Can Powerco stop me taking part in the project?

Yes. Powerco can end your participant agreement if:

  • You have breached your participant agreement (eg you don’t do something you must do). Powerco must send you an email 14 days before and tell you how you have breached your participation.
  • We end the project as a whole (as a courtesy, we would give participants at least one month’s notice).

Can I have the smart charger removed?

Yes. If you choose not to keep the charger, we’ll remove it and make good any changes to your home that were made during installation, at our cost (for example, we would re-plaster any holes in the wall where the charger was fixed). If you wish, we can leave the cabling safely in place in case you ever want to install a charger at a later date.

Can I keep the smart charger?

Yes. The smart charger is free if you stay for the full three year project period, but you will also have the option to buy it from us (for less than the original purchase price) if you stop taking part in the project before then.

The costs are:

  • If your participant agreement ends before 1 June 2021, you can buy the smart charger from us for $3200.
  • If your participant agreement ends between 1 June 2021 to 1 June 2022, you can buy the smart charger from us for $750.
  • If your participant agreement ends between 1 June 2022 to 1 June 2023, you can buy the smart charger from us for $260.
  • If you participate to the end of the full project period, ending 1 June 2023, you can keep the charger free of charge.

Along with the transfer of ownership, we will also transfer all warranties and access to online support to you. 

How long is the warranty on the smart charger?

The warranty is valid for three years. When we transfer the ownership of the EV charger to you, the suppliers (Evnex) will continue to support the functionality of the smart charger.

Who do I contact if there are any problems with the smart charger?

The best team to contact is Evnex – support@evnex.com. Evnex is based in Christchurch and can help with any issues that may arise. 

Why will the project take three years?

The project will run for roughly three years from the time that the EV chargers are installed on participants’ properties, ending in June 2023. The third year of the project (1 June 2022 – 1 June 2023) is optional for participants.

This three-year period allows us to collect sufficient information about participants’ EV charging habits in a variety of scenarios, for example managed schedules, to see how this affects peoples’ behaviour.

Will using the smart charger make my power bill go up?

We don’t anticipate that the smart charger will increase your electricity bill by much, but this will depend on what sort of energy plan you are on.

What happens to my personal information and data collected by the smart charger and the app?

The data collected by the smart charger and the app is stored by Powerco Limited in our secure IT systems in accordance with Powerco’s privacy policy on our website.

The data from the smart charger and the app will be given a serial number as identification – this will be stored separately from your personal information, meaning your data is stored anonymously and can’t be linked back to you.

Am I only allowed to use the home smart charger during the project, or can I also use other EV charging stations?

There is no restriction on where and how you charge your vehicle – we’re just keen for you to use the smart charger when charging at home.

Can I use the charger on multiple EVs?

Absolutely. If you have multiple EVs, or have friends or family members with EVs, you are more than welcome to charge them with the smart charger. It will not negatively impact our data collection – in fact, this would give us even more useful information.

I already have a smart charger. Can I use this or do I have to use the one provided by Powerco for this project?

We require that you use the charger that Powerco will install for the purposes of project. If you would like to put your old charger back in at the end of the project, we can reinstall it and take our one away.

What happens if I move house during the project?

We will look at this on a case-by-case basis. In some circumstances, we may be able to remove and reinstall your charger for you at your new property so you can continue participating in the project. If you do need to move house during the project, please contact us so we can discuss options with you.