Safety at Home

Inside your house

Electricity inside your house can be dangerous. Always use a qualified electrician to do work on the electrical system inside your house.

Outside your house

Above ground

• Identify the service line that brings power from the street into your house. It might be either overhead or underground. Keep away from it. If you’re working on your house you can arrange a disconnection. Ring your energy retailer who’ll get in touch with us to do the work. Powerco does not charge for disconnections.

• If you’re moving ladders, flag poles or tent poles, and boat with masts, keep them well away from the service line or power lines on the road.

• Make sure tree forts, rope ladders and swings are put in trees that are a safe distance from power lines. Keep all play equipment well away from power lines. Tie trampolines down securely - in high winds they can be blown onto power lines.

• Call us to remove any items, such as kites, that get tangled in power lines. Do not touch the kite string.

• If you are using power tools, use a RCD (residual-current device) safety switch. If there’s a problem this will trip the power before any harm.

Under the ground

• Be careful if you’re planning any earthworks, landscaping, fencing, drainage or re-piling on your property. Electricity cables and gas lines might be in your garden, under your driveway or under the roadside verge.

• Use the free beforeUdig service to find out where underground cables and gas mains are near your house.

Earth pegs

It doesn’t look like much, but your earth peg is an important part of your home's electrical safety system. The peg ensures any electrical faults inside the house go to ground. This keeps you and your family safe from serious shocks.

You need to know where it is, and what it looks like. But don’t ever touch it.

Most earth pegs are found in the ground near your electricity meter.

If your earth peg looks damaged or shows signs of wear, it's extremely important to get an electrician to make sure it’s still safe.

Whenever you get an electrician to do work at your house, ask them to check on your electrical safety systems while they are there.


Last Updated: 14 Aug 2017 - 12:24:16